An innovative hydrating gel specific for the foot with the power and the efficacy of the natural ingredients of the Alps in it, nourishing, soothing and refreshing.

It has a delicious fragrance of Alpine Mallow and contains precious natural active principles that give the feet a new softness, invigorating and hydrating.

Aloe Vera soothes, calms and reduces the inflammations. It facilitates the production of collagen, improves the skin’s elasticity and flexibility, repairing and effectively nourishing dry and cracked feet.

The Gentian adds a particular soothing effect for sensitive and irritated skins, deodorizes and prevents excessive transpiration. A particular natural vegetal antibacterial contained in the Buds of Spruce Fir helps contrasting the bad smells and to regulate the excessive transpiration.

The precious Essential Oil of the Fir relieves the stress and the tiredness and gives a wonderful feeling of relaxation.