A revolutionary home treatment with a two-in-one formula.

Simultaneously an enzymatic peeling and a very effective mask.

Thanks to its high contents of Papain, it has a powerful enzymatic exfoliating action, reducing imperfections and making the skin immediately smoother, luminous and oxygenated.

It promotes the deep penetration of precious Papaya extracts and, in particular, the Ganoderma lucidum extract, capable of triggering a powerful anti-oxidant action and deep cellular renewal.

In addition, it effectively fights degenerative processes and the negative action of free radicals.

This innovative rejuvenating treatment is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a truly effective product, suitable for all kinds of face and cleavage skin types.

Simple and quick to use, with immediate results.

Can be used in the shower: the hot steam activates and increases the extraordinary effect of the enzymes contained in the product.