A thorough mix of precious and exclusive essential oils extracted from aromatic plants of the Alps.

Mint, Eucalyptus, Birch, Cypress and Mountain Pine compose this incredible Nectar of the Alps, that can not only give intense and strong sensorial emotions, but also incredibly increase the efficiency of the footbath or the aromatic bath.

The intense and penetrating aromatic essence of the alpine plants is released into the water, that slowly takes the colors and the reflexes of the purest and uncontaminated nature while body and mind are enveloped by extraordinary and suggestive balsamic fragrances.

While immersing in this extraordinary Alpine Nectar you are immediately enveloped by a warm and balsamic fragrance that stimulates the skin and the senses.

The sensuality of this nectar wakes all the body enveloping it with a penetrating fragrance in an unique sensorial experience.